The Treatment

Treatment begins with a thorough case history. This takes about ten to twenty minutes. Questions will be asked about your current complaints as well as your family history and childhood illness. There will also be more specific TCM based questions. Even though some of these questions may seem irrelevant to your current problem, the answers mean a lot to the therapist and will help target treatment in the most effective way.

The therapist will then perform a Hara Diagnosis (examination of your belly), take your pulse and may ask to look at your tongue. Palpation (to gain information by touch) is the main technique utilised by the therapist to gain a better understanding of your condition. Pressure should be gentle but firm. Certain areas are palpated and tested against specific acupuncture points to see what points are most effect to remove tension and pain in the Hara.

Small needles are inserted in the effect acupuncture points and left for fifteen to thirty minutes. The therapist will then give extra stimulation to the acupoints by way of  Moxa or by the use of a Tiger warmer, a therapeutic magnetic lamp may also be used.

Although the pressure experienced by palpation may be uncomfortable and sometimes painful these sensations don’t last long and are often followed by a deep sense of relaxation or relief.


  • Moxa: A Herb known as mugwort, enters the meridians, clears and nourishes. Either used as thread moxa directly on the skin or indirect by the use of a moxa stick or cone that is placed upon the needle.
  • Tiger warmer:
  • Magnets: Small magnets placed on the body and can be left for up to a week. As homework you may be asked to tap the magnets once or twice per day.
  • Press Tacks or intradermals: Very small needle on a plaster that is left in the body for a few days.
  • Heat Lamp: therapeutic magnetic lamp; increases circulation, facilitates tissue regeneration, provides warmth
  • Oil: natural almond oil with essential oils for additional massage.
  • Herbal Formulae: Patended Herbal Formulae in Tabet or Pill Form.