About the Therapist

Hello, my name is Giulia Ortu. Here you will find some information on my background and general approach to health and well being.

Originally I come from Italy and from the age of two was brought up in New Zealand. I left New Zealand in my early twenties to live in Sydney Australia. Here I began my path in body work. After having completed a Diploma in Remedial massage in 2000, I began to work along side an Osteopath. This opened the path to a deeper of the understanding of the Human body. After two years of intensive massage work and training I moved to The Netherlands. Here the opportunity arose to study Traditional Chinese Medicine. I completed a Diploma of Integrated Acupuncture and Patented Herbal Formulae in Amsterdam at Shenzhou Open University of TCM in 2010.

For the last twenty one years I have also been studying meditation and Qi Gong practices which give an added understanding of the human psyche, Qi and movement.

Twelve years as a body worker and a grounded Education in TCM have given me an extensive and holistic approach to Health and the Human being. Using TCM as a tool, I enjoy helping people broaden their horizons in regards to their health and well being. My approach to the health of my clients is to combine the understanding of body, mind and emotions to the intricate play of the Human system. The inter-relatedness of our external and internal world is continually impacting on our state of being. By using touch and facilitating energy with the use of acupuncture needles provides a way to help restore balance and health to our system.

I like to use treatment that best suits my clients personal situation. So alongside the acupuncture treatment I may suggest dietary changes, give a herbal formula or suggest a simple meditation or Qi Gong practice.