About the Therapist

Health ‘n Harmony acupuncture is owned by Giulia Ortu. Giulia was Born in Italy, brought up in New Zealand and is now living and working in the Netherlands. Having completed a Diploma in Remedial massage in Sydney Australia, Giulia began to work along side an Osteopath. This opened the path to a deepening of the understanding of the Human body.

After two years of intensive massage work and training Giulia moved to Holland. Here the opportunity arose to study Traditional Chinese Medicine, a Diploma of Integrated Acupuncture and Patented Herbal Formulae that took her six years to complete.

Eleven years as a body worker and a grounded Education in TCM has given Giulia an extensive and holistic approach to Health and the Human being. She has integrated her bodywork background and acupuncture skills by the further study of Japanese Acupuncture following the teaching of Kiiko Matsumoto, which gives a very hands-on approach to acupuncture.

Giulia offers a unique blend of bodywork and acupuncture giving her clients relief from complaints in a gentle and supportive way.


From July 2014 till February 2016 Giulia has temporarily lived in New Zealand. During her absence the practice was run by Arine Lugtigheid. Arine now works in her own practice, see: www.acupunctuurinhaarlem.nl