We have an inner circulation of energy (Qi) that flows continually around our body through what we know as the meridian system. This system is impacted on by our external environment. Acupuncture works with this system to restore the balance in the body.

What is disease?

When we disrupt the flow of our energy by either internal or external conditions, the balance within our system becomes disrupted. The harmony can be lost, eventually resulting in disease. Acupuncture can help to prevent and cure a wide variety of conditions.


The practice is centrally located in Haarlem just North of the central station.

Welcome to the Site of Health ´n Harmony Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been developed over the years by thousands of practitioners, each adding to what came before. Today, this gives us a complex, dynamic and holistic system in which to solve the complaints of our physical, emotional and mental makeup.

With acupuncture and TCM a variety of complaints can be cured. Traditionally TCM was strongly focussed on prevention, where modern medicine mainly focuses on curative healthcare. In my work I like to combine the two, and will always be looking at possibilities where simple lifestyle changes might help my patients to maintain a better health and energy level for themselves.

As I strongly believe in taking time and attention for my patients, a treatment takes between an hour to an hour and a half. Most health insurances cover (part of) the costs of the treatment, based on the additional healthcare plan.